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Rachael Ray’s Look + Cook

Rachael Ray’s new cookbook, just out today, makes it easy for anyone to put together a home-cooked meal.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that is true then Rachael Ray’s Look + Cook, which has hundreds of step-by-step photos detailing exactly how to make 100 main course dishes, adds up to some pretty foolproof instructions with no need for guesswork!


I’m a big fan of cookbook pictures in general, but, sometimes a picture of the end result isn’t enough.  In fact, most of the time it would be very helpful to see exactly what is required when a recipe calls for special instructions or methods of preparation that is not immediately obvious.


For example, as preached many times from America’s Test Kitchen, the way you cut up your meat and vegetables for a stir-fry or a soup actually makes a difference to your end result!  Instead of trying to decipher what the author really meant by “chopped”, you have it right in front of you, in full color, so there is no mistake.


This kind of step-by-step picture guide would be great for people who are just learning to cook.  Imagine all the newbie questions that usually come up, like “What does she mean by that?”  They are answered before they need to be asked!  It is amazing how well pictures can add that bit of certainty that is needed when learning.  The recipes become like a cooking class, and new cooks can gain confidence as they progress throughout the book.


Cooks who are just starting out would definitely benefit from this cookbook, but let’s not forget rushed cooks (which is, mostly everyone).  If you are cooking under some kind of time constraint, the last thing you need is convoluted instructions that have you doing double takes as you are in a hurry to get dinner on the table.  What you really need is clear instructions, right in front of you, so that you are sure that everything will go well. 


Rachael Ray's Look + CookRachael has outdone herself with the food in this cookbook.  And the categories are just as fun as she is! Who wouldn’t want to make something from “Cozy Foods“, “Make Your Own Takeout Food“, “Fancy Fake-Outs“, and “Yes The Kids will Eat It!”  Also included is 125 additional, never-before-seen, new Rachael Ray recipes at the back of the book.


And if that doesn’t grab you, included as part of your purchase you actually get access to watch videos of Rachael making all 50 recipes from the “30 Minute Meals” section of the cookbook!


Considering all that, I would have to say that Rachael Ray’s Look + Cook = fun, ease and Yum(-o)!


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