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The SodaStream Pure Sparkling Water Maker is now reduced to $129.95

If you enjoy drinking sparkling water, sodas, and carbonated cocktails, now you have the option to make them yourself at home!  The SodaStream carbonates water, which can be used to mix with juices and syrups.  Or you could have the sparkling water on its own with a lemon or lime wedge.  I know I’m always trying to do the healthy thing and drink more water in a day.  For some reason, when it’s carbonated and lightly flavored, it doesn’t seem like it’s as much of a chore to do this!


This little baby is eco friendly too.  Instead of buying and transporting cases of soda or bubbly waters home every week, you can just make it yourself.  Think about it.  No more need to carry heavy cases of water in and out of your car.  Plus, you have the added bonus of reducing your plastic bottle and aluminum can consumption.   


How simple is it to use, you ask?  Well, all you have to do is insert the CO2 cylinder into the machine, fill one of the carbonating bottles with tap water, attach to the machine, and use the lever to fill your water with bubbles.  The more times you press the lever, the more carbonated your water will become.  On average one CO2 cylinder makes approximately 60L of sparkling water.  And of course, there is no electricity needed.


So… cost effective, eco friendly, easy to use, and can potentially contribute to a healthier lifestyle.  Yes, I think we have a winner!


Now only $129.95 for the SodaStream Pure at Williams-Sonoma!


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