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Most Useful Item – AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

– Fighting the bane of the home cook, a dull knife. –


A dull knife is one of those things a home cook puts up with.  It just seems too difficult and intimidating to learn how to properly use a sharpening stone.  What if you damage your knives in the process?  Better to have dull and somewhat usable knives, instead of being in a situation where you have ruined your knives and are now in need of replacements!


And forget those knife sharpening trucks that go around your neighbourhood.  By the time you get out of your fuzzy slippers and onto your driveway with your knives in tow, the truck is always long gone.  (What’s their rush anyway?)  And making that special trip to that knife sharpening place at the mall never seems to materialize.  I mean, who carries around a full complement of knives when they also need to go shoe shopping?  (Maybe Imelda Marcos’ bodyguard, but, that’s it!) 


I’ve also found that dull knives make for dull cooks.  Instead of relishing the thought of trying out that amazing new stir-fry for dinner, you think of all that cutting and chopping, and you settle for a sandwich instead.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant that does all your chopping and prep work, and lines everything up in little glass bowls, ready for you to finish the dish, cooking show-style!  Alas, for us home cooks, we are (usually) on our own.


Having a dull knife in the kitchen is not only a nuisance, it is also dangerous.  Instead of slipping effortlessly through an apple, your knife slips off the fruit and into your hand.  Ouch!  Also, you don’t need to use too much pressure to get a sharp knife to cut.  To get a dull knife to cut through food, you need to apply more pressure to the blade.  The more pressure you use, the higher the potential for you to cause a lot more damage (to yourself).  Not to mention the repeated stress that puts on your wrist.


So, I wanted to find a device that would be good for the home cook to use at home.  Something that works well to sharpen knives, is easy to use, and was reasonably priced.  Oh yeah, and it HAD to be safe!


The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener is all of that and more, and it is definitely a Most Useful Item

The AccuSharp works its magic on ANY bladed object, and that includes serrated knives too!  All you have to do is position the blade of a knife upright on a steady surface, like a kitchen table or counter or stable cutting board.  Let the tip of the blade hang over the edge of the table (or whatever you’re using) about an inch.  Using the AccuSharp, pull the sharpener over the length of the blade, using gentle pressure.  REMEMBER – the blade is stationary, and the sharpener is moving!  Repeat a few times to get a nice sharp edge on your knife.  When finished, wash your knife (be careful, it is now sharp!), and it is ready to use.


Works well? – check

Easy to use? – check

Safe? – There is a full-length guard to protect your fingers – check

Reasonably priced? – The last time I looked, the price was under $10 – check!


As a home cook, I appreciate the ability to sharpen a knife whenever I see the need.  I also realize that anything that can make my time in the kitchen more productive and safer, will always be high on my list of Most Useful Items.  If you struggle with dull knives and dread even the idea of using them I would highly recommend the AccuSharp. 


Most Useful Item #2 = AccuSharp Knife Sharpener (buy from Amazon)


P.S. – This sharpener has also garnered praise from the people at Cook’s Illustrated (America’s Test Kitchen).  A high recommendation indeed!


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