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Gordon Ramsay

What can I say about Gordon Ramsay?  Well if @#$ isn’t allowed, then I’ll have to say that he is one *darn* good chef.  He owns many Michelin Star restaurants and is constantly striving to be better.

His quest for perfection in the kitchen is legendary, and if he doesn’t get it, well… watch out!  His appeal to many is this unrelenting, driven nature to be the best, which he then in turn expects from his students.  We’ve all seen him in Hell’s Kitchen berating and abusing the student chefs to the point of tears.  Ramsay feeds off the competitive drive of his chefs, and rewards them accordingly. 

Gordon Ramsay's Roasting in Hell's Kitchen

Ramsay’s approach can be likened to an athletic coach training his players for a sporting competition.  The same determination and drive that is required of an elite athlete, is pretty much what he expects out of his student chefs in the kitchen.  This makes for some entertaining shows to say the least.

It is interesting to see chefs facing a daunting challenge.  And when they (almost always) screw up, we don’t feel as bad about our own mishaps in the kitchen.  I mean, if these trained chefs still make mistakes (albeit under tremendous stress and pressure), then it’s understandable when we do.  Right?

Anyway, Ramsay is the author of many cookbooks, as well as an autobiography.  Also, his high-end cookware made by Royal Doulton fits his perfectionist tendencies… only the best for Ramsay!

Gordon Ramsay’s Books
Gordon Ramsay’s Cookware, Bakeware and Tableware by Royal Doulton
Gordon Ramsay’s Videos and DVDs

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