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Price Alert: $50 Off SodaStream Penguin Water Carbonator

Home carbonators are big this year.  There are a lot of pluses to making your own fresh sparkling water at home.  Here are a few of them…


Save Money

Making your own sparkling water to use in soda and cocktails can save you hundreds of dollars, depending how much your family normally drinks. 


Save Time

Forget about having to go to the store to lug home heavy cases or bottles of soda and sparkling water.



SodaStream Penguin Water CarbonatorDrink Healthier

Instead of drinking soda, try mixing in 100% fruit juices.  Imagine serving your own sparkling cranberry, blueberry, pomegranate, grape, and orange festive drinks during the holiday season.   Or, just have plain sparkling water with sliced citrus fruits.  (Aren’t we supposed to be drinking more water anyway?) 




It’s Eco-Friendly

Save your environment from piles of plastic bottle waste in the landfill.  Or save the energy/gas needed to transport and recycle them.  Using the Penguin takes all of that out of the equation completely since it uses glass.  Also, the unit itself doesn’t use electricity!


It’s Fun

I ask you, how could this NOT be fun?  This is great for entertaining.  And for your kids, it’s literally a science project in a penguin!


The Deal

$50 Off The Top-Rated SodaStream Penguin Water Carbonator – A ‘Fizz-tastic’ Gift  – Valid Only Until Dec. 18/11

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