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Deal: Rachael Ray from Furi Coppertail Cutlery Set with Bamboo Case

I guess I’ve been on a bit of a knife kick lately.  But, I’ll make no apologies because of *knowing* what a difference a quality knife can make to the ease of your cooking routine.


And this I know from first-hand experience… ever try chopping all the vegetables for a stew with a dollar store knife?  Or even worse, a steak knife?  Your hand starts begging for mercy after the first couple of potatoes!


Carpal tunnel aside, using well-balanced, sharp knives is actually a pleasure.  They enhance your kitchen experience to the point you don’t sweat that long list of ingredients staring back at you from the pages of Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge.


So, to that end, here is another knife deal that is worth looking at:

The Furi Rachael Ray Coppertail 3-Piece East/West Bamboo Knife Set is more than 50% off list price (at time of writing).

Furi Rachael Ray Coppertail 3-Piece East/West Bamboo Knife Set

There is one 5″ and one 7″ blade, and they come in a handy bamboo storage case.


Solid, One-Piece Construction

These knives look a little different from the ordinary. They are constructed from Japanese & German Stainless Steel Alloys as a solid piece. So no wooden or rubber handles to weaken or wear out. Also, incredibly sanitary as there are no hiding places for germs to accumulate.


“East-West” Design

The shape of the knives is interesting too. They have the heft of a Japanese Santoku knife, the staple of sushi chefs the world over, and excellent at straight slicing. Yet, the blade itself is slightly curved, to facilitate the rocking motion used with chopping and mincing with a Western chef’s knife.

So you could start slicing an onion, and then switch to chopping (or even mincing) without having to change knives! For the convenience factor alone, these knives definitely capture the best of both worlds.


Ergonomic Design

There is a wedge-shaped handle that is notched nearest the blade to anchor your index finger comfortably in place while in use.



Over time, it is expected that the balance of a knife will shift. This is because as you sharpen your knife, blade material is lost, and the resulting knife becomes handle-heavy.

In order to counter this Furi has an ingenious solution. On the end of the handle is a copper to the end. As the balance of the knife shifts, you can easily file down the copper (which is soft compared to stainless steel) to lighten the handle and re-balance the knife!


Rachael Ray-Approved Knives

Coppertail knives are the “cutlery of choice” for Food Network star Rachael Ray… and we all know how much chopping, slicing and mincing she does.  😉


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