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Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Ever watch the cooking show from Canada, Pasquale’s Kitchen Express?  It has been on since the 1970’s and is still going strong in reruns today.  Pasquale, who unfortunately died back in 2005, was a very entertaining chef to watch.  He clearly loved being in the kitchen preparing food, and took to singing to his audience while swigging a glass of red wine during the show.  At the end of the show, one lucky audience member would join him on stage and share in his creation, as well as sharing in the wine!

This kitchen gadget is dedicated to Pasquale.  The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

I had the pleasure of trying out this device while on a short jaunt to wine country in the Niagara region.  A salesperson was in Wayne Gretzky’s Winery Store (I know… very Canadian!), and was peddling this neat device while my fiancé and I were there sampling some of the wines.  The hostess wanted to run a test.  We were to try the wine before aeration, and then after, and see if we could discern a difference. 

Well, I could not believe the difference.  It was like night and day!  The aerated wine tasted fuller, had more intense aroma, and was clearly more pleasurable.  I was ready to buy it on the spot!

It works by introducing air into wine through its cleverly designed “Venturi” flow hole.  From as far as I can tell there are cracks in the hole, put there on purpose, to add a disturbance to the flow, which then mixes the right amount of air into the wine.  You just pour wine slowly through the top, and your aerated wine flows out the bottom, and into your glass.  It is much better than decanting, since it works almost instantly, and it does not require you to use an entire bottle at once.

Paired with a bottle of wine or on its own, it makes a standout gift

As a Gift?

Amazing for anyone who enjoys wine, from the connoisseur to the casual drinker.  Very good business gift for clients or colleagues.

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