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Emeril Lagasse

From Emeril's KitchenWhat a showman!  Emeril Lagasse was one of my first introductions to “entertainment” cooking shows.  Don’t’ get me wrong… you can definitely learn a tidbit or two about cooking from Emeril… but his shtick was his enormously popular BAM! catchphrase, which was usually shouted as he flung his signature spice concoction (Emeril’s Essence) at whatever dish he was making for the appreciative in-studio audience.

Emeril is an accomplished restaurateur and chef, specializing in the foods of New Orleans, and loves to “kick it up a notch” by spicing up his food, commentary, and personality on his shows.  Emeril’s love of cooking really shows through as he gives his audience (and viewers) a front row seat to his passion for New Orleans and southern cooking.

Emeril's Original Essence Seasoning

Emeril's Original Essence Seasoning

Spice aside, we can all do with a bit of excitement in the kitchen (just not “the house is on fire” kind of excitement, however).  Emeril’s energy is infectious and gives us a momentary glimpse of an ideal we can try to create for ourselves.

Emeril has a vast array of cookware and products that he endorses.  He is particularly fond of spices, and he offers gourmet foods that can help you liven up your experience in the kitchen.

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