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Weighing in on Kitchen Scales

Your success in the kitchen can be limited if you do not use the proper tools for the job.  Take the kitchen scale.  Baking in particular can be finicky when it comes to measuring out the ingredients for a recipe.  For example, depending on the type of flour and how tightly it is packed into the measuring cup, a cup of flour can range in weight anywhere from 3 to 6 ounces.  With that kind of margin of error its no wonder sometimes your cookies can come out light and airy one time, and the next time, hard as a rock.

Another very good reason to use a kitchen scale is for portion sizes.  One of the realities of trying to lose weight is getting a handle on portion sizes.  I noticed that Weight Watchers and other systems encourage the use of a kitchen scale so that you don’t eyeball the wrong (and usually larger) amounts of food to eat.  Getting accurate food measurements makes calorie counting that much more effective, and goes a long way in your quest to losing those love handles!

But which kitchen scale should you use? 

Back before digital, we had those mechanical wonders with the food holder positioned over the scale.  Unfortunately, due to their mechanical nature, there are only so many times you can measure with those before they start to skew and return wrong readings.  Measuring smaller quantities can be more difficult and the configuration of the food holder makes it near impossible to measure food on plates.  If you still have one of these scales I would seriously consider an upgrade to make your life easier.

Digital scales now have a multitude of features that can help you in the kitchen including automatic calibration, instant zeroing to remove the weight of a container, the ability to measure a greater range of weight in imperial and metric (including very small weight measurements), backlit displays, removable parts for cleaning, and sleek, compact designs.

One scale in particular has all these features, and one more really useful one:

How would you like to put your plate on your scale only to have the digital display completely blocked from view?  Well, to remedy that problem the Oxo Good Grips Food Scale has a digital display that can be pulled out from the base of the scale to read the weight of large or flat objects easily.

Check out these additional features of the Oxo:

– 11 lb weight capacity, and can measure as little as 1/8th of an ounce
– Displays accurate weight in both imperial and metric measurements
– Stainless steel platform can measure using plates, bowls, and even directly on its surface; removable for cleaning
– One button weight zeroing function
– Large, backlit display
– Thin, sleek design

Excellent design for an excellent scale.  The Oxo has become my scale of choice for the kitchen.

To buy the Oxo Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display, check it out at

Bonus:  Some people have found this scale useful as a postal scale as well!

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