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Clear Solutions Jumbo Cookbook Holder

I don’t know about you, but, in my zest for trying out new recipes, my cookbooks have a tendency to get spattered on, mucked up, greasy fingerprinted, and permanently stained.  I used to think that it was a mark of a good home chef to have the most dog-eared, well used cookbooks… sort of like showing off your battle scars of home cookery! 🙂

Those thoughts held me in good standing until one day I was looking for an amazing, but simple pasta recipe I knew was in a certain cookbook.  I had taken the well used cookbook over to a friend’s place to compare and share recipes.  I turned the pages to the place in the book where I knew the recipe was waiting for me when… I saw it wasn’t there!

“There must be some kind of mistake,” I said, unable or unwilling to believe my own eyes.  It appeared that my well-used page that was covered in tomato sauce stains was missing, completely out of the book!  The worst part of it was that I had PERFECTED that recipe.  I had painstakingly penciled in the amounts, ingredients, and procedures that I had discovered from much trial and error until I found the best combination, that got the greatest responses from friends and family.  So just buying another cookbook would not reverse my blunder.  AACCKK!!!

I have since revised my stance on cookbooks, and how I treat them.  I now feel that the good ones (the ones I use every day) are like GOLD, and should be treated as such.  Therefore, how happy was I to find this little sanity-saver, the Clear Solutions Jumbo Cookbook Holder.

I know, I know… you’ve seen cookbook holders before.  This one is different.  This one can securely hold any sized book, magazine, or even printout from the Internet!  There is a clear acrylic panel which holds the pages open… and… keeps messy cooking stuff OFF the pages.  It only takes a bit of space on the countertop and can fold easily away for storage when not in use.  People are raving about this cookbook holder!

There is even a model that mounts under your cabinetry if you are so inclined.

So, if you or someone you know, needs to start giving their cookbooks a little TLC (you know who you are!), go ahead and get the Clear Solutions Jumbo Cookbook Holder.  Your cookbooks will thank you!

As of writing, sells these little beauties for about $35 and they have a 4.8/5.0 rating from 26 customers.  The price changes all the time, so click here to find the most updated pricing on the holder.

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