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How To Quell a McMuffin Craving

Every now and then, I get a major craving for an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds.  Frequently, and unfortunately, this craving comes after the 10:30am (or whatever) cut-off time that McDonalds stops making breakfast.  (In fact, I seem to be developing a craving as I write this.)  When this happens it is then up to me to replicate the infamous breakfast sandwich on my own.

Yes, you can make one from scratch.  All you need is English muffins and eggs, and optionally you could add sliced cheddar cheese, bacon, sausage patties, or sliced ham.  And if you are looking for a healthier version, you can use whole wheat English muffins, low-fat cheese and an egg-substitute (like Egg Beaters).  You could also go the vegetarian route and forego the meat and add red peppers that  have been sautéed in olive oil (very good!), or any leftover grilled veggies that you have hanging around.  I also like to add salt and pepper to the cooking eggs, but you could use your favorite spice blend, hot pepper sauce or any fresh or dried herbs to make it your own. 

This is all fine and good, but the one thing that is not quite the same is the egg.  You see, McDonalds uses egg rings to get their eggs to fit perfectly onto the English muffins.  If you want that perfect fit, you will have to look into getting egg rings for yourself.  I particularly like these stainless steel RSVP Egg Rings that come in a set of 4. 

RSVP Egg Ring, Set of 4

It is recommended that you either brush the inner rings with butter or spray with non-stick spray before you use them.  You then position the rings in your pan and let the entire assembly heat up.  Crack an egg into each ring and allow to set.  A low-medium heat range is preferable so that the eggs cook evenly through.  After about 3 minutes, lift the ring straight up and the egg should release.  If you find that the egg is sticking a bit, give them a little tap on the sides with a wooden spoon.  Now flip the eggs over to cook the other side.  Since these eggs are for breakfast sandwiches, you will want to cook them well (no runny yolks).  But, if you are using the eggs for eggs Benedict or something, just cook slightly to firm up the top.  Now you have perfectly sized eggs for your English muffins!

The above method is good, but it does require use and clean-up of a frying pan.  After a bit of research, I have found an even easier way to make breakfast sandwiches yourself.  Check this out: 

Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster

Bigger than a regular toaster, but very easy to use and ultra convenient, the Back to Basics TEM4500 4-Slot Egg-and-Muffin Toaster has everything you need to make your own egg and muffin sandwiches.  If you know how to crack an egg, you can use this machine.  You just put your English muffins in the toaster slots, crack the eggs into the holders (coated with a little oil spray or butter), add pre-cooked breakfast sausage patties (or other meat) to the warming trays, press a button, and voila.  Even your kids can use it!

The unit is programmed to have the eggs, English muffins, and meat ready at the same time, in about 4 minutes.  The eggs are steam poached, which is a very healthy way to go, and the pre-cooked meat is warmed on the two included meat trays. 

For a change, if you want your eggs done a bit differently, there is actually an egg basket that allows you to soft or hard boil up to 8 eggs at once (kind of useful with Easter right around the corner!).  The toaster slots can be used to toast bread, bagels, and croissants, in addition to the English muffins.  It also has bagel (one-sided) and defrost settings, just like a regular toaster.

The only clean-up required is a quick wipe of the heating and poaching trays with a wet paper towel.

If you do not need a 4-slot toaster, there is a smaller 2-slot toaster available, that has all the functions of the larger machine, except it has only one poaching tray, one heating tray, and can cook up to 4 hard or soft-boiled eggs at once.

Back to Basics TEM500 Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher

Now after all this talk of breakfast sandwiches, I think I’ll make one for myself.  You can only resist the temptation for so long…  🙂

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