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Tea for You and Me

Tea drinking is really an immersive experience.  The ritual of brewing and drinking tea involves all the senses—from the first whiff of the tea leaves, hearing the water reach its boiling point or the whistling of the kettle, watching the richness of color develop as it is steeping, the warmth of holding the cup in your hands and breathing in the steam, all the way to your very last sip.  It’s no wonder tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world (water is number one).

With all the varieties and custom blends, there are as many teas out there as there are shades of the rainbow.  The most popular teas can be classified as black, green, white, oolong, and herbal (which is technically an infusion, rather than a “tea”).  As it happens, I am enjoying some Genmai Cha, or Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice, as I write this.  But you can definitely find a tea to suit your mood, time of day or occasion.

To enhance your enjoyment of tea, there are some interesting and innovative products that have been developed: 

The Modern Tea Mug

The first is this Adagio Teas Glass Mug and Infuser.

This modern glass mug is perfect for brewing individual cups of tea.  Your loose tea leaves are held in the large stainless steel infuser that fits on the rim of the mug.  This allows the leaves to freely circulate and expand and, therefore, impart a superior flavor to the tea.  There is also a glass lid that can be used while your tea is steeping or after removing the infuser to keep your tea as hot as possible.

A New Way To Brew Tea

Another innovation is the aptly named the Adagio Teas IngenuiTEA Teapot.

This teapot brews single cups of tea effortlessly and in a truly ingenious way!  Basically, the loose tea leaves are put into the teapot and then boiling water is added.  Since the leaves are completely loose in the teapot they have a lot of room to float around and expand as the tea is steeping.  When the desired strength is achieved, the entire teapot is placed on top of your cup or mug.  As soon as the bottom of the teapot is placed on your cup, a valve releases and the clear tea flows from the bottom of the teapot into your mug, while the spent tea leaves remain in the teapot to be discarded (or used again).

What a neat little device!  Great as a gift for the tea lover in your life.  Also, since it is made of plastic, it travels very well which is handy for the business traveler who also likes a good cup of tea.

Tea To Behold

And speaking of gifts, check this out.  It’s the Adagio Teas Concert Teapot:

Concert Teapot

This is a gift that should be reserved for someone special, because it is sure to impress.  Using this wood-mounted glass teapot is a pleasure and will enhance everyone’s tea drinking experience.

There is the teapot, made of quality tempered glass, which resembles an art piece itself, the attractive wooden base, and the well-made stainless steel infuser.  The tealight candle can be lit to keep your tea warm, and give a warm glow to your table.  Everytime you use it, it becomes a special occasion!  Put this all together and you have a fully functional teapot that will delight the senses and transform tea time into a special event!

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