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Cherry Pitter

Sweet, plump, juicy fresh cherries can now be found, pretty much in all the grocery stores and fruit markets at this time of year.  They are one of my favorite fruits to eat, whether I’m having them in a cherry cobbler, cherry crisp, cherry pie, or just on their own.  They are amazingly good for you since they contain high levels of antioxidants and other good things.  Some people actually swear by them as the reason for having reduced their arthritis pain and swelling!

The only thing that gives me pause when thinking about making something with cherries is… removing the pits!  They are, quite frankly, a pain in the backside to remove.  Stained fingers, stained clothing, stained counters… basically red cherry juice everywhere!  And sometimes the pits do not easily release from the fruit, so you end up mushing up the cherries in the process.  Not a pretty sight.

I was almost ready to give up on fresh cherries when I came across this little gadget.  The Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter:

Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter

This kitchen gadget is small, but what an impact it has made!  I am now a transformed cherry eater.  I no longer cringe at the prospect of pitting a basket full of cherries.  I have used other cherry pitters in the past, but, this one is by far the most comfortable in my hand.  It also works very well at removing the pit without destroying the fruit.  And… the most important part… there is a splatter shield to direct any squirting juices down towards your sink, instead of up and at you!

This is great if you need to pit cherries for your kids.  Since you do not need to use a sharp pairing knife to get the job done, you could even get your kids to help out!  And if you are into making cherry jams, this pitter would end up being your best friend.

This pitter can accommodate any size cherry, even the larger ones.  The splatter shield is removable and the whole thing locks for easier storage.  You can even throw this into the dishwasher, which is very convenient!

It is overwhelmingly the most recommended pitter on (at time of writing).  To purchase your own cherry pitter or for more information, visit or

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