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Picnic Essentials

Family picnics, romantic picnics for two, beach picnics, outdoor concert picnics, or insert-any-excuse-to-eat-outside picnic!  Picnics are great because of their simplicity.  All you really have to do is make a few sandwiches, throw together some cheese and crackers, toss in some fruit and a bottle of wine or sparkling water and you are set!  [While I’m at in, in the spirit of keeping things simple, check out the perfect salad for your next picnic.]


Sometimes the most memorable picnics happen at the spur of the moment.  For example, on our last trip to the mountains, we found a great spot near the top that was complete with Adirondack chairs and sweeping views of the valley below.  It was just too perfect, so we had to stop for lunch.  And we were so glad we did!


Some good reasons to picnic:

  • You just found a perfect and little-known spot in the park around the corner
  • The beautiful weather today that should not be wasted
  • Getting away from your workplace cafeteria
  • Summer is just too short
  • Celebration of the weekend
  • A stop on your next bike ride through the country
  • A break from your road trip
  • A day at the beach
  • Celebration of your independence
  • A family get-together
  • Tailgating at the next big game
  • Just because…

Free yourself from the indoors, and the world is your oyster!


Here are some picnic supplies to get you into the picnicking mindset.  So you will always be prepared for when the mood to be outdoors strikes you!


Picnic Time Malibu Insulated Shoulder Pack

Picnic Time Malibu Insulated Shoulder Pack with Deluxe Picnic Service for 2, Navy Blue

The romantics among us will love this Picnic Time Malibu Insulated Shoulder Pack with Deluxe Picnic Service for 2.  If you want to be ready to speed off to a romantic lunch in the park, everything you need is included in this set.

This set comes complete with 2 acrylic stemmed glasses, 2 plates, 2 sets of cutlery, 2 cotton napkins, 1 waiter’s corkscrew, and 1 cheese knife.  The shoulder bag is a durable canvas and there is a removable, waterproof liner to pack your food in.

I particularly like the wine/bottle storage section, which is integrated into the side of the bag and has individual compartments for safely storing two full-sized bottles at once.  Pick one up by clicking here.

Gift Idea:  I think this would make a very nice wedding shower gift for any new couple! 


Picnic Time Metro Insulated Basket

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Picnic Time Metro Insulated Basket.  This contemporary basket is made from durable polyester canvas and a lightweight aluminum frame and can hold a whole lot of food.  If you are looking to feed a family, this is your basket! 

Picnic Time Metro Insulated Basket, Sky Blue

It has some insulating fabric which can help keep foods cool for a while (but to a point, since it does have a drawstring top).  There is a zipper pocket on one side which is great for keys, wallets, and cell phones.  And it comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns to suit your style.  When you are not using it, the whole thing collapses down to save on space.  Check for pricing. 

TIP:  The usefulness of this item goes beyond just picnics.  It is great as a shopping basket as well.  If you go to farmer’s markets, fruit and vegetable stands, or even your local grocery store, this basket will hold a lot of groceries, as well as keep any refrigerated/frozen items cooler longer. 

CELEBRITY SITING:  This basket was recently seen on the TV show Modern Family!  Apparantely Mitchell and Cameron had gone grocery shopping and were in their kitchen unloading… the Picnic Time Metro Insulated Basket!  They had the light blue one, just in case you were wondering.


Waterproof Picnic Blanket

While you might not always be able to find a picnic table or chairs to sit on when picnicking, you don’t have to worry if you have the Waterproof Picnic Blanket shown below.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket, Black Watch Plaid

This blanket is soft and cushy and it has a waterproof backing which makes it infinitely more useful than your standard blanket.  If you happen to be sitting on damp ground, you won’t feel it.  Also, grass and sand just shake off of it.  It comes in four different colors and a plaid pattern and has straps and a pouch for easy carrying.

While it has a good size of 50″ x 60″ and the material is anti-pill polar fleece with a nylon coated back, which is machine washable, the best part is the price.  Only $12.99 at time of writing!  I have seen other similar picnic blankets priced a $25 (and up!).  This is too good a deal to miss.  Get yours at

TIP:  These blankets are great for kids to play on.  I was recently at a jazz festival in the park and there was a family enjoying the music, with their toddler playing on this very blanket!


True Fabrications Picnic Stix Set

True Fabrications Picnic Stix SetUsing stemmed glasses at a picnic is no picnic.  If you happen to be on the ground, with no table around, your glasses won’t be sound.  🙂

But, you can hold two wine glasses and a wine bottle securely at your next picnic with the True Fabrications Picnic Stix Set.  The coiling chrome wires envelop the glass (or the bottle) as the bottom end is staked into the ground.  Not only is it useful, it looks great too!  Click here for pricing.

TIP:  Can also be very handy at a backyard BBQ, campsite, or bonfire at the beach.


Tovolo Bamboo Outdoor Wine Table

Tovolo Bamboo Outdoor Wine TableThis is another wine-related accessory for picnicking.  It’s the Tovolo Bamboo Outdoor Wine Table!  Two cutouts hold most (regular-sized) wine glasses on either end of a small, but functional bamboo table.  A removable wooden stake is attached to the bottom of the table and fixed securely into the ground.  The bamboo surface makes a great cutting board, as well as a table for snacks. 

Now instead of worrying about tipping wine glasses, you can cut your cheese in peace (so to speak).  Pricing info here.


Picnic Time Swiss Cheese Set

Picnic Time Swiss Cheese SetAnd speaking of cheese, this Picnic Time Swiss Cheese Set is a great little set to take on a picnic!  There is a teak and bamboo Swiss cheese design cutting board, which has a pivoting section that reveals 3 high-quality stainless steel cheese tools (cheese fork, cheese knife, and spreader) in a clever storage compartment.  I like the fact that the sharp tools are kept safely hidden and separated in the storage tray. 

A great all-in-one cheese board for you to take to your next picnic.  More info and pricing here.

TIP:  This, along with your favorite cheese, would make an excellent host/hostess gift.


Picnic Time Portable Recreation Recliner Oniva Seat 

Picnic Time Portable Recreation Recliner Oniva Seat, BlackWhoever came up with this goodie has their heart in the right place, trying to ensure everyone’s comfort!  If you are not too enthused about sitting right on the ground, or you need a little more support on benches and picnic tables check out this Picnic Time Portable Recreation Recliner Oniva Seat.  It is basically a seat cushion with back support!  There are six adjustable reclining positions to choose from and it comes in a multitude of colors and styles (check out the sports-themed ones to take to the game!). 

Lightweight and portable, it is meant to give that extra bit of support and comfort that will help make your picnic enjoyment factor go way up.  For latest prices click here.


The time to enjoy the weather is now!  Or before you know it, we will be back in our parkas and winter boots, trudging through the slush and wondering if summer was ever really here, or just a figment of our collective imaginations?



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