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Rachael Ray’s Stoneware Baking Pieces

The Rachael Ray “Bubble and Brown” Stoneware pieces are just as functional and practical as they are beautiful and well designed.  The strong, chip-resistant, glazed coating comes in vivid colors that really spice up the dinner table (I like the orange personally!).  The unique handle design makes them easy to pick up or lift out of the oven, even with bulky oven mitts.  And notice the way the sides slope down from the handles as they reach the middle of the dish?  This actually allows the center of your food to crisp up and form a nice even crust while baking.  And people just rave about the clean up!  The dishes just seem to wipe clean without very much effort at all. Whoever is responsible for designing these baking dishes really thought of everything!

Here are some of the pieces that are available:

3-Quart Large Oval Stoneware Baker – this one is good for entertaining and large family gatherings.  The large baker is good for lasagna, enchiladas, casseroles, and cobblers.  You can also use it as a large serving dish for hot and cold food at parties.

Rachael Ray

1-Quart and 1-1/2-Quart Oval Stoneware Baker Set – these smaller pieces are good for family dining and can accommodate smaller, personalized casseroles and side dishes like roasted vegetables.

Rachael Ray

9-Inch by 13-Inch Rectangular Stoneware Baker – the “lasagna lover” dish, which is another smaller dish, good for 2 servings of lasagna.

Rachael Ray

2.75 Quart Round “Casserround” and the 4 Quart Oval “Casseroval” – nice to have the covers with these casserole dishes.  Makes it easier to transport them to potlucks and such!

Rachael Ray 2.75 Quart Round Rachael Ray 4 Quart Oval

12-Ounce Stoneware Personal Au Gratin Dish, Set of 2 – personal serving dishes.  Great for scalloped potatoes or vegetable gratin.  Can also be used for dessert!

Rachael Ray

10-Ounce Ramekins Stoneware Singles – now these are just too cute!  For individual custards, soufflés, or for serving dips.

Rachael Ray

And here are some great Rachael Ray accessories to go with your stoneware:

Nylon Turners – Rachael Ray’s iconic orange turners made of silicone actually handles food very well, and will not scratch your cookware/bakeware.  The turner heads can withstand heat up to 400F, and handles to 350F.

Rachael Ray 2-Piece Nylon Turner Set, Orange

Lazy Spoon and Lazy Ladle – also made of silicone and conveniently attaches to the side of your pan when cooking.  Use them to do double duty as serving spoons with your stoneware.  Can withstand heat up to 500F.

Rachael Ray Nylon Tools, Lazy Spoon and Lazy Ladle, 2-Piece Set, Green

Tongs – will not scratch your stoneware or cookware.  Good for cooking bacon on non-stick surfaces or gripping hot ramekins from out of the oven.  Can be used to serve items from your stoneware.  Locks for easy storage.  The silicone tips are heat resistant to 500F, and the handles to 350F.

Rachael Ray Nylon Tools, 2-Piece Tong Set, Blue

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