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Jamie’s Food Revolution is Rolling Along

If you happened to be in the LA area recently, you might have seen a peculiar sight.  A massive red and tan striped truck, sporting a fist of power that happens to be gripping a spoon.


It’s Jamie Oliver taking his Food Revolution to the streets of LA!  Oliver is hell-bent on continuing his fight on obesity, by teaching people how to make simple, healthy, home-cooked food.  And it doesn’t seem to matter if the Los Angeles Unified School District allows him into their school cafeterias or not.


The primary focus for the time being is on students.  But eventually adults, children, families… everyone really, will be invited to come aboard the truck and learn about nutrition, ingredients, and healthy cooking techniques.  The truck is equipped with actual work stations where people can get some hands-on training.  And the bonus is getting to eat what you have created!


Take a look at an article from the LA Times, which has an awesome picture of the truck, and goes into greater detail about the initiative.


Here is Jamie Oliver’s Official Food Revolution site.


Also, see my review of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook.


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