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Furi Rachael Ray Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener

I am reminded of the time my mother-in-law, her sister and sister’s husband were trying to cut a frozen piece of meat in half so they could share it.  They went through every knife in the house and still  couldn’t do it!  There were butcher chop knives and small steak knives and serrated bread knives and electric meat knives… really, all manner of knives were being located and used… all to no avail.  Someone was even intent on getting out a hack saw when finally, the piece broke in two.  Maybe all that bashing it against the counter and swearing in Italian did it!  Anyway… wouldn’t it have been nice to have a good sharp knife for just such an occasion?

Enter the Furi Rachael Ray Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener.

An interesting little device.  If you are looking to sharpen or keep sharp some of your knives, this may be the ticket.  The sharpening action comes from the unique 8 “finger” design.  As you slide the blade over the diamond-coated fingers, your knife is sharpened at a 20 degree angle to your knife blade.

Take a look at the sharpener in action:

Very neat indeed!

In order for this to work properly, I guess it would be necessary to make sure you hold the knife completely upright to get the desired 20 degree angle.  Also, since the fingers are sharpening the edge of your knife, you wouldn’t need to press very hard for the fingers to reach the edge (since they are on… the edge… HA).  If you DID press too hard, I could see this scratching up the sides of your knives, so don’t do that!  But all this is nothing compared to trying to use a steel to sharpen and hone your knives, which requires considerable skill to master.

And even still more amazing is that this knife sharpener is only $19.99 (less at Amazon).  That is the price I paid to get ONE knife sharpened professionally!

Check out the Furi Rachael Ray Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpeneron for more information.

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