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Review: The $10 Gourmet

Would you like to reduce or eliminate wastefulness in the kitchen?  Do you think it is possible to prepare a gourmet meal for two at home for $10 or less?  Ken Kostick will have you answering “yes!” to both questions with his new cookbook, The $10 Gourmet.

Ken has been a staple on Canadian TV for many years.  He is one half of the pair that used to host the popular cooking show What’s For Dinner? with his co-star, Mary Jo Eustace.  The pair are still going at it (playful ribbing, that is… :)) now on the new show He Said, She Said, With Ken and Mary Jo on Food TV.

Ken has put out a book that is as much a helpful kitchen resource as it is a cookbook.  There are pages upon pages of wonderful, simple recipes that do not cost an arm and a leg to put together, but still have that “gourmet restaurant quality” food that everyone enjoys.  People are cutting back and not eating out as much, so, to have recipes that mimic the restaurant experience while you dine in your own home is such a treat!

There is also the issue of kitchen waste.  Unfortunately, according to Ken, we end up throwing out approximately one third of all our food purchased.  That is a huge amount of perfectly good food that has been grown or raised and shipped for our benefit, ending up as waste.  Not good.  So… in addition to providing mouth-watering recipes, all costing under $10 for 2 people, Ken’s book also delves into shopping strategies and tips that will help you keep your costs down, and get what you really NEED and WILL USE.  In the end, you will end up spending less, but more wisely, and will still have a full and usable pantry to draw from.

So, if you are looking to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to food shopping and preparing great home cooked meals for less, I would look no further than Ken Kostick’s The $10 Gourmet.

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